November 24 - December 23, 2017

Canton, the "City of Lights," comes alive each holiday season with attractions and events for young and old alike. From the Victorian Festival to old-fashioned carousel rides, you’ll find something to tickle your holiday fancy, no matter what your preference!

A special annual attraction that always proves to be a joyous experience is the Canton Animation Museums. This treasure chest of Christmas delights began with just 22 antique window decorations and a vision to create a holiday fantasy which would highlight the area’s rich history, diverse present, and promising future. The Museums include several life-size animated figures that beckon holiday fun-seekers to a world of fact and fairy tales. From historical representations of life in Canton throughout the 20th century to whimsical scenes depicting favorite children’s stories, the Museums’ displays are artfully handcrafted and a delight to behold.

The festivities in Canton all take place around the Historic Courthouse Square, decorated with over 200,000 glittering lights. Canton’s Square is honored as a National Register Landmark and, to date, more than $20 million has been reinvested into the preservation and continuation of this unique hub of activity. Visitors from all 50 states and from many foreign countries have come to take part in Canton’s famous holiday festivities on the Square. The festival received honorable mention from the Arts & Entertainment Network's 2003 contest, "Best Small Town Christmas Spirit."

In addition to the Canton Animation Museums and the glittering decorations of the Square, Canton offers holiday visitors many other attractions including the Merchant’s Open House Weekend, Carousel on the Square, Trolley Ride around the Square, Old Jail Museum, Log Cabin Behind the Old Jail, The Railroad Museum, and a light and character parade.

While in Canton, visitors are urged to take the time to tour the Canton Movie Museums, home to sets and memorabilia from "A Time to Kill," "My Dog Skip," "The Ponder Heart," "O Brother Where Art Thou," "The Rising Place," and more. Next door to the Canton Movie Museum, visit the Canton Multicultural Center, a tribute to struggles and accomplishments of African-Americans throughout the history of Canton.